Experience Mobility has Moved#
Post By Johan van Mierlo

One of our friends Jack Cook has been running his site Experience Mobility with many great articles.
In last couple of months he was starting to have some problems with Hidden Spam.

This is what he had to say;

Sad but true, I’m starting over after finding that Experience Mobility was infiltrated with a serious amount of hidden SPAM within my blog.  Evidently there was a vulnerability that was exploited at sometime and no matter what I did to remove it, it kept coming back.  I suppose I could have left it there but it was just the point of having it that bothered me.  Because it was not only in the blog but was also riddled through my database, it was decided that the best tact to take was to start fresh.

So what about all my previous posts and reviews?  I am not going to make an attempt to retrieve the old posts but over time, I will try to bring back my reviews but that will be a time consuming project and I am thinking it may well be a great Winter project.

I do feel bad that there will be a lot of lost links … but life does go on.

So Experience Mobility has changed to http://experiencemobility.net/ and that the NEW RSS feed is http://experiencemobility.net/?feed=rss2


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Sirius and XM merger approved by the FCC#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Well its about time...the Federal Communications Commission has officially and formally approved the merger between Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. Hopefully I can end one of my subscriptions and just keep one satellite radio in my car. Yes I am one of the few that have both because there is content on both that I like and have been waiting for this merger to be approved for quite a while. According to the details of the merger content will be available on all current radios and of course new features on future ones like a la carte channel selection.

sat radio 002

Both XM and Sirius must cap their prices for three years after joining and allow consumers to choose the channels they want and pay less for packages of channels and a la carte menu pricing. Radios that allow a la carte channel selections will eventually be available for in car dashboard installations as well as stand alone radios.

On Thursday, XM, of the District, agreed to pay $17.5 million in fines and Sirius, based in New York, agreed to pay $2.2 million to resolve complaints that some of their radio receivers sold to consumers and signal-boosting radio towers violated FCC technical rules. Both companies said they would bring their equipment into compliance.  If you noticed newer radios no longer have the strong FM transmitter in them (you know the ones that bleed into neighboring cars when you pull up to a stoplight and share the same frequency and for a brief moment the content of your satellite radio until you pull away) and now have external FM transmitters that you have to string somewhere in your car making for a messier installation, but FCC compliant.

Right now I am wondering what will happen with my lifetime subscription radio, I wonder if they would wave the $75 transfer fee so I can also get a la carte programming.

For more information on the merger as well as pricing check out SIRIUSmerger.com and XMmerger.com.

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Slydial let's you dial directly to Voicemail.#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Have you ever wanted to call someone and just leave a message on their voicemail, because you just wanted to leave a brief message and not talk to the person you are calling? I have and so have a few others. Well now you can with a new free service called slydial from MobileSphere.  All you have you have to do is call a U.S. wireless phone (it won't work with pre-paid wireless services) at 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425). You will have to listen to a brief audio advertisement (they do not share your information with any third parties per their privacy policy) and then at the voice prompt, enter the U.S. mobile phone number of the person you want to slydial (do I sense a new verb here?). You will be directly connected to their voicemail. Leave them your 90 second voicemail message and avoid awkward and unwanted conversations.


If you don't like listening to the ads or can't keep your message in under 90 seconds you can pay for their premium service,called the Myslydial Premium service. Here is the breakdown:


Plan Cost
Pay per Use $0.15 per slydial message
Unlimited Subscription $4.95 per month or $29.95 per year

It won't work in Canada yet, but they are working on it. Also the Caller ID comes up from your phone and not SLYDIAL so you won't get caught if you use it. I tried it an an iPhone and the Visual VoiceMail did show my Caller ID and not SlyDials's. The service so far only works with Cell phone carriers, but they are working on gaining support for some major PBX systems, so if you have to call in sick and don't need to talk to a live individual or want to avoid awkward conversations SlyDial may be for you.

Also if you are a frequent user of slydial you can register at SlyDial you get these features in addition for free:

Dial by Name! Create slydial contacts.

Once you enter their phone number in as a slydial contact, just call the slydial phone number and enter the first four digits of their Nickname followed by the # sign and we will connect you to their mobile voicemail. You don't have to remember their phone number anymore!

Click 2 slydial. You can slydial your contacts from the web!

Once you create your slydial contacts you can simply click on the Click 2 slydial icon next to the contact and we will call your phone number. Once you answer you will be connected directly to that contact's voicemail!

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Sprint Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Touch & Mogul#
Post By Eric Hicks

On Monday Sprint released an update for it's Touch and Mogul devices bringing them from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Mobile 6.1.  Here are the details of the update from the HTC site.

For the Mogul

mogul_download_screen1. Upgrades the operating system from Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional  to Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional

2. Adds Sprint TV

3. Includes all enhancements incorporated in previous software upgrades including:

4. EV-DO Rev. A functionality for faster download and upload speeds when utilizing data services wherever EV-DO Rev. A coverage is available

5. Advanced GPS functionality including the Sprint Navigation application

6. Adds a Task Manager to the Today screen for easier access and management of running programs


For the Touch


1. Upgrades the operating system from Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional  to Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional

2. EV-DO Rev. A functionality for faster download and upload speeds when utilizing data services wherever EV-DO Rev. A coverage is available

3. Advanced GPS functionality including the Sprint Navigation application

4. Adds the Opera browser

5. adds a full Qwerty on-screen key Qwerty keyboard




Further details about the update for the Mogul can be found here at HTC's site and you can download the update directly from here.

Further details about the update for the Mogul can be found here at HTC's site and you can download the update directly from here.

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REVIEW: VITO Technology Winterface#
Post By Don Sorcinelli

I recently posted on my personal blog about making the Windows Mobile user interface more aesthetically and functionally pleasing at the application level. In that article, I commented on the great work that a number of third-party companies have already started doing in this regard, as well as some great work at the top-level user interface (shell) level as well. In it, I made mention of VITO Technology's latest UI application - Winterface. While I had tried out and regularly used some of the other replacements for the Windows Mobile Professional Today Screen, I had not yet had the opportunity to see what Winterface had to offer. I quickly decided to change that, and have given Winterface a very thorough run-through. During this time, I was pleased to once again be reminded that there is no single formula for presenting an alternative to the standard Today Screen offering. Winterface's approach to interacting with you and your Windows Mobile device is effective in an entirely different way than other similar products.


  • Simplified icon-based approach to navigation for a Windows Mobile Professional device;
  • "Finger-friendly" navigation and selection of applications and device settings;
  • Intuitive methods for customizing the user interface to your liking.

Winterface can be installed by using either a CAB file directly downloaded to the device or via a desktop installation executable. I had no issues with the installation itself. Once installed, Winterface does require a fair amount of space on your device at close to 1 MB, so be prepared. Additionally, as a shell replacement, Winterface needs to be installed to device memory (vs. a storage card) for reliability and performance.

One minor irritation occurred after the installation. As a UI shell replacement, I expected Winterface (or a settings screen at the least) to appear following the completion of installation. This did not happen, and made me (falsely, mind you) believe that the installation did not succeed. Once I navigated to the Programs folder on the device, however, I found the Winterface icon and selected it. THe UI then appeared. One "wish list" item I would like to see in a future release is for the UI appear after installation.

Winterface takes a more minimalist and simplified approach to the UI shell in a fashion similar to the iPhone. The UI is icon-based.


Winterface comes with some specialized icons for functions like mail, phone battery and memory. These icons change to match varying states. The Email icon, for example, will display the number of unread messages, while the battery icon shows current battery capacity.

The "dots" at the bottom of the screen represent the total number of "pages" of icons available. Moving between pages can be performed with simple left-to-right and right-to-left finger gestures across the screen.


How you choose to organize your icons, including which icons should be added or removed, is entirely up to you. For arranging or removing icons, tapping and holding an icon puts Winterize into a form of "customize mode". This mode places an "x" on each icon, allowing for removal, and provides the visual queue of "vibrating" all of the icons on screen. I found this to be a unique and obvious way of informing the user of the application state without any text.


Tapping the "x" will delete an icon, while tapping and moving the icon will place it in a new location. You can move and icon between pages in this fashion. If you move beyond the current last page, Winterface create a new page for you. Simply release the icon to place it in its new location. Pressing the center of the Directional Pad on the device ends this customizing mode.

To add new icons to Winterface, you will need to access the "Menu" icon. This brings up an Options screen.


The icon / application types you can add to Winterface are nicely broken down into three categories:

  • Applications. These are applications whose shortcuts can be found under the Programs folder (and subfolders) on your device.

  • Settings. These are the items typically found under the Settings folder on the device.

  • Contacts. These are the entries found in your Contact list.


In all cases, the information provided is in a very organized and easily scrollable format, allowing you to scroll up and down the screen using your finger. The scrolling is very smooth and adds a nice touch of style to the selection process.

When you find an item you wish to add, simply tap on it. A checkbox appears next to it.


You can select one or more items for any of the categories before completing the process by selecting the large "check" symbol at the bottom of the screen. These items will then be added to the interface, where you can use the customizing function to place them where you wish.

I chose to create a third page on my device to add my most frequently called phone numbers.


If you add contacts to Winterface, tapping on them opens a very nice finger-friendly screen with detail information.


From here, you can dial or e-mail the selected contact.

I quickly found the UI approach that Winterface takes in presenting navigation to be quite nice and effective. While I did miss the details of upcoming appointments not appearing on my home screen, I found that it was not a huge issue. In addition, exiting from Winterface is easily accomplished from the "Menu" button.

One usability problem I did find more of an issue with relates to Winterface serving as a "Lock Screen".


When the screen wakes up, Winterface provides a nice mechanism for unlocking the screen by sliding the lock symbol from left to right. My problem did not occur with regards to the mechanics involved; I could do this quite easily. My problem related to the fact that some notifications from the device did not override the lock screen. Reminders, for example, often ring but do not appear to allow me to dismiss them. New e-mail notifications often did the same. I have seen this behavior happen with other UI shell applications, but the lock screen complicates this a bit more. In order to dismiss the reminder, I must:

  • Unlock the screen;
  • Tap the "Menu" button in Winterface;
  • Close Winterface;
  • Bring up the notification in the default Windows Mobile Today screen;
  • Dismiss the notification.

Finally, I could find no way in this release of Winterface to turn off the lock screen functionality. This was definitely an area of frustration for me, and took away a bit from the many positives that Winterface has to offer. I believe this is definitely one area that needs improvement for future releases. 

Overall, I came to appreciate  the different approach that VITO Technology took toward user interaction with Winterface. I found the interface pleasing to view as well as to work with, the screen animations for fluid scrolling and page transitions to be consistent and perform well, and the ease of getting to my information (minus the Lock Screen shortcomings) to be quite refreshing. I do not think that the "Winterface Approach" to the Windows Mobile shell is for every user. However, I can definitely see a significant audience that would benefit from Winterface from the point of style, substance (or both).

Pros & Cons


  • Unique and effective Today Screen alternative for both organization and navigation;
  • Intuitive interface makes customization easy and with little training;
  • Nice UI style as well as substance.


  • No post-installation setup or initialization;
  • Lock Screen can cause extra steps to deal with notifications.

Pricing and Availability
A trial version of Winterface is available for download from the iWindowsMobile web site and from VITO Technology. Winterface is available from teh iWindowsMobile web site for $19.95.

There are any number of ways that a developer can make a given user interface more effective for the user. Winterface is yet another great example of this principle. By providing a visually pleasing, easy to customize and friendly to navigate alternative to the standard Window Mobile Professional Today screen, VITO Technology has once again proven their ability to "think outside the box" with their latest product offering. I encourage users looking for a simple but effective way of interacting with your Windows Mobile device to give Winterface a try. But be careful - you may not want to return to your old Today Screen if you do.

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REVIEW: Electric Pocket FlipSide#
Post By Don Sorcinelli

While many people look at some of the new and innovative user interfaces for mobile phones as a way of adding "sex and sizzle" to their devices, I tend to look for applications that make my interactions more efficient, friendly or just plain fun (without adding complexity, of course). While the iPhone and HTC's "Manila" interface tend to grab a lot of the headlines, there are any of a number of smaller and more focused applications that are also very useful and aesthetically pleasing.

One great example of providing a friendlier face to a Windows Mobile application is Electric Pocket's FlipSide. As someone who uses Windows Media Player on my Windows Mobile phone quite frequently, I have to say that the "drill-down" approach that Windows Media Player uses to get to my music can be quite frustrating and, well, bland. FlipSide provides a finger-friendly and visual way of interacting with your music collection.


  • Visual and intuitive way of interacting with music on your Windows Mobile device;
  • Extra functionality for album art and artist information.

FlipSide is available for installation as both a CAB file for direct installation from the device, or as a desktop installer. FlipSide requires the .NET Compact Framework 2.0. For Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional devices, the .NET CF 2.0 is pre-installed and should not pose a problem. Electric Pocket's FlipSide download page does provide additional links and instructions if a .NET CF 2.0 installation is necessary.

Installation was simple and straight-forward. An interesting note - as a result of leveraging the .NET Compact Framework, FlipSide itself is small; very small. Taking up only 127K for the actual executable is rather impressive, especially considering the functionality FlipSide provides (more shortly).

One final note - as an application focused on the touchscreen interface, FlipSide is intended for Windows Mobile Professional / Pocket PC devices. While the FlipSide web site states that FlipSide supports all Windows Mobile versions, I did not test this application against a Windows Mobile Standard device.

Basic Functionality
When you first open FlipSide, you will immediately be reminded of the media interface seen on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application scans for music and album art already installed on the device to build its own index of information. This process does not take very long and is visually represented by a very small progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The positive to this approach is that you can still interact with the application while the metadata is being captured. One big "pet peeve" I have had with the Windows Media Player interface for quite a while is the need to navigate menus to build the library and having to sit and wait while the library is built. Kudos to Electric Pocket for allowing me to move forward while work is performed in the background.

FlipSide presents your library organized by album.


Using gestures across the screen from left to right (or vice-versa), you move between the various albums. A nice fluid animation scrolls you from album to album. You also have the ability to use the left and right portions of a directional pad to perform the same actions.

When you find the album you wish to listen to, simply tap on the album art and the track list is displayed.


You can then select the first track you wish to hear by tapping on the title. I must admit that this can be a bit difficult with the large fingers possessed by yours truly, but if all else fails the stylus works well too.

Once music is selected, the track information is displayed and a progress bar designates the play progress.


You can fast forward and rewind within a track by touching the progress bar.

FlipSide works in both portrait and landscape modes.

This functionality does bring to light one of the shortcomings of FlipSide. Many common interactions are mapped to keyboard keys. While this works well for devices with QWERTY keyboards always displayed, it does not work well for devices like the AT&T Tilt that has a slide out keyboard. Actions like pause and play, for example, are mapped to the spacebar. If you do not wish to slide out the keyboard, you can choose to leave full screen mode by tapping near the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the default menu bar.


From this view, you have access to more functionality and a few features. I do hope that a future release of FlipSide will allow for hardware button mapping, as this would greatly reduce the keyboard issues.

As far as playing music goes, FlipSide had no problem playing my Windows Mobile music. No more so, that is, than Windows Media Player itself :-) Sound quality and performance were the same as if using the Windows Media Player directly. Of couse, that also means that the limitations imposed by Windows Media Player (no equalizer, no cross-fade) were also in place.

FlipSide provides some nice and useful features in addition to the user interface functionality. They include:

  • Downloadable album art. If your music did not have album art or perhaps not the most recent art, you can choose to download art from the Internet.


    You will be reminded that the Internet will be searched and data charges may apply.


    If located, the album art will be displayed.


    As you can see, the album art might not always be the the most pleasing to the eye, buy hey - it's better than no art at all ;-) You also have the ability to remove album art if you choose.
  • Artist information. At any time, you have the ability to locate (from the Internet) artist information using the Find Extras menu option.


    This option opens a browser window that presents biographical information and related information, all nicely formatted for a mobile device and powered by Last.fm.


    I found this feature to be very useful and a lot of fun as well (trivia buff that I am).
  • Shuffle
    FlipSide does provide shuffle functionality, either at the album level or for all music.

  • Playlist functionality.
    FlipSide provides the ability to work with playlists on the device, including the ability to create and/or modify playlists.


Overall, the additional features for FlipSide serve as a good "icing on the cake" to enhance the overall user experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Visually pleasing user interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Informative and useful extra features


  • No custom keyboard mapping
  • Some finger functionality difficult in the limited screen real estate

Pricing and Availability
FlipSide is available for a trial download at the FlipSide web site. FlipSide is available for purchase from the FlipSide web site (partnered with MobiHand) for $19.95.

By providing a combination of an aesthetically pleasing interface with intuitive user interface functionality, FlipSide adds a new and fun level to playing music on your Windows Mobile device. The additional Internet-related extras provide a great way to enhance the experience even further, making FlipSide a great enhancement to your Windows Mobile-powered device. I strongly encourage everyone to at least give FlipSide a try; it is worth the effort.

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PocketMind Announces Forecast Daily and Update for PocketMusic#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

The PocketMind team is happy to introduce a new weather application - Forecast Daily a weather application for your mobile device with database of more than 58,000 global locations. Compatible devices: Pocket PC and Smartphone (Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6).

forcast daily

Download quick video guide to Forecast Daily (short 3-minute AVI file)

Forecast Daily is an ultimate weather forecast application for your Windows Mobile device (both Pocket PC and Smartphone):

  • - Choose from 58,000 global locations and cities, including 2,400 airports
  • - Ability to use the application without any wireless connection
  • - Optimized for finger operation, support for iPhone gestures
  • - Low traffic
  • - Today screen plugin
  • - Advanced day-and-night temperature graph
  • - Custom Refresh options

Web page: www.pocketmind.com/forecastdaily.htm

Trial version - www.pocketmind.com/files/ForecastDaily.exe


The latest version of PocketMusic Player 5.1 is now available for downloading!

Here is what's new:

  • - New options for equalizer
  • - Improved sound quality
  • - New interface
  • - Additional support for Bluetooth remote controls and stereo headphones
  • - Added support for more different resolutions, square screens, and landscape mode on new devices
  • - Adjustable alarm volume
  • - Best compatibility with Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1
  • - Improved HTTP, Windows Network, Shoutcast, Icecast streaming
  • - More

To download the PocketMusic Player Bundle head here.

If you have the version 5.0 or 5.0.6 - guess what this upgrade is free for you!

If you have the version 3.x or 4.x  well you are not totally out of luck there is a special upgrade price of $4.95 especially for you.

For directions on how to update: please head here.

Enter your discount code C922265B and click "Recalculate". ;)

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HP TouchSmart 2.0#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

If you didn't notice in the Sunday circulars of your favorite big box stores as well as some of the cool new commercials on your television, as well as HP's own HP Shopping site the new 22" HP TouchSmart is now available. The TouchSmart comes in two flavors the  IQ504 PC  for $1299 and the IQ506 PC for $1499 due to the built-in tuner (clicking on the links will bring up their respective spec sheets).


It comes with a Wireless keyboard that is illuminated by the bottom of the PC (which has just enough room to store it underneath), a wireless mouse and a remote control that looks like the one found on the new extenders and MediaSmart televisions. The stand is adjustable to reduce glare and makes easier adjustments for the built-in webcam.


It is pretty thin and has a slot optical drive. What is not shown in the picture is the single cable to the large power brick, which looked similar to the one from the HDX Dragon.

There are some cool videos available online showing an unboxing and how it works here along with tutorials on Music, Pictures, and Video.

Some of the cool software included with the TouchSmart are:

HP TouchSmart Music - Create playlists with your favorite music
HP TouchSmart Video - Watch, record and upload(10) your personal videos using touch
HP TouchSmart Photo - Share your fun and memorable moments in life with family and friends
HP TouchSmart RSS Feeds - Get the latest news right at your fingertips(10)
HP TouchSmart Browser - Browse the web in a whole new way(10)
HP TouchSmart Calendar - Manage your busy schedule and stay in touch with family
HP TouchSmart Notes - Quick and easy text and voice notes right at your fingertips

As I found some free time this weekend to finish loading my DVDs into my 5 changers from 2 (that held 600), my oldest daughter stated that our HP television should have a sensor like the TouchSmart (she was the one that wanted to go to the store to see it and really,really,really wants one. don't we all?) so we could easily scroll through the 850+ DVDs in the Media Center library since you don't have to actually touch the screen, there are sensors around the bezel. Maybe sometime soon.

If you get a chance to try one out, I highly suggest it. The arc based user interface is akin to a windshield wiper and plays off the ergonomics of the arm's radius. The User Experience that HP has made for the TouchSmart makes you wonder why Microsoft or HP didn't do this with the Tablet PC and makes wonder at what they can do with Windows 7.


Operating System • Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit edition with Service Pack 1 -
Processor • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5850 @ 2.16GHz(2)
Intel® GM965 Express Chipset, 2MB L2 Cache, 667MHz Front Side Bus
Memory • 4096MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory(3)(2x2048MB)
Hard Drive • 500GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive(4)
Optical Drive(s) • Slot-load SuperMulti DVD Burner(6)
8x DVD-R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 6x DVD±R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 8x DVD-ROM, 24x CDR,24x CDRW, 24x CD-ROM
Video Graphics • NVIDIA GeForce 9300 M GS HD graphics module with 256MB dedicated video memory and support for Blu-ray, and Microsoft® DirectX® 10. Up to 2047MB Total Available Graphics Memory as allocated by Windows Vista®.
Network Interface • 10/100/1000 BaseT network interface
Wireless Connectivity • Integrated Bluetooth, Wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n) with built-in WLAN antenna(19)
Audio • Integrated High Definition Audio with 2.0 sound capabilities • High-performance 2.0 Speakers
TV Tuner: Dual-format NTSC or over-the-air ATSC high-definition TV tuner(17)
Remote Control • HP Media Center remote control with IR (infrared) receiver "
Memory Slots • 2 SoDIMMs (200-pin) (occupied)
External Ports • 5-in-1 memory card reader – supports Secure Digital (SD, SDHC), MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, 1 FireWire® (IEEE 1394) port (front), Headphone (front), Line-in (back), 5 USB 2.0 ports(2 front, 3 rear)( 5 available), Line-out (back), Digital Audio Out (back)
Mouse and Keyboard • HP low-profile wireless keyboard with numeric keypad,HP wireless optical mouse
Web Camera • Integrated webcam
Integrated Display • Touch-enabled 22" diagonal widescreen BrightView LCD with tilt adjustment, Built-in array microphone
Dimensions • Unpackaged: 21"(W) x 2.6" (D/L) x 17.4" (H) approx.
Weight • Unpackaged: 24lbs approx.
Lighting • HP Ambient Light lets you set a mood, or see your keyboard in the dark

More information is available at www.hp.com/touchsmart to look at each in more detail on HP Shopping here are links for the HP TouchSmart IQ504t PC and HP TouchSmart IQ506t PC that allows for customization as well as pre-built configurations, but instead of choosing hardware it looks to be software only.

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Palm and Sprint Release the Treo 800w Smartphone#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Palm and Sprint have released the latest in the lineage of Treo Smartphones with the Treo 800w. This unit is a bit different from its predecessors in a good way - loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1, a built-in GPS, Ev-DO Rev. A, and Wifi it looks like they listened to their customers needs and seemed to satisfy them. They also did away with the proprietary connector that plagued many previous Treo users and went with microUSB. Some nice things they kept were IR port, which is rare in newer devices, the stylus in the same location as well as the lovable one-handed form factor.


From the Press Release:

treo800w front and back treo800w size treo800w bottom treo800w side

The Treo 800w is Palm's most business-friendly phone yet. IT departments can simplify infrastructure and lower costs with a direct connection to Microsoft Exchange Server, giving users up-to-date email, contacts, calendars and access to other productivity applications. Palm designed the Treo 800w for easy-to-use mobility with a full QWERTY keyboard, five-way navigation and one-touch buttons to the most-used applications, making it a smartphone people want to use...

The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (inclusive of data roaming) reaches more than 246 million people, 16,022 cities and 1,506 airports and brings customers instant gratification so they can work fast and on the go. With EV-DO Rev. A, peak network download data rates increase to 3.1 Mbps and peak upload data rates increase to 1.8 Mbps; average download speeds improve to 600 kbps to 1.4 mbps and average uplink speeds increase to 350-500 kbps.

Palm's WiFi hardware and software innovations make it easy to get online fast and manage network connections and power usage. The one-touch WiFi button provides a clean, uncluttered WiFi experience that gets Treo 800w users rapidly connected at home, in the office or in WiFi hotspots. It includes 802.11b/g WiFi and built-in Internet Explorer Mobile, which means faster, more secure access to web-based data.

With integrated GPS and Palm software enhancements, the Treo 800w smartphone offers maps, point-to-point directions and point-of-interest (POI) searches for locations such as restaurants or stores.(3) POI search is available directly from the Today Screen and is integrated with contacts, giving customers one-touch access to the places they want to go. Treo 800w also supports Sprint Navigation for turn-by-turn directions as well as other popular third-party location-based services applications.

The Treo 800w is compatible with Microsoft's System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, which delivers increased security and easier smartphone management as well as access to information on the corporate network via mobile VPN. IT professionals can confidently manage large Treo 800w deployments the same way they would expect to manage PCs with a low-cost, reliable solution that fits seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructures.

The Palm Experience on Windows Mobile 6.1

"Palm is adding a unique stamp to the Windows Mobile experience with the Treo 800w," said Stephane Maes, vice president, product marketing, Palm, Inc. "It's an easy-to-use feature-packed smartphone that will keep users happy, empowered and productive."

In addition to Palm's WiFi and GPS enhancements, Palm innovations on top of Windows Mobile include:

-- Today Screen enhancements -- call, text, email, perform a web search and map a contact's address, all directly from the Today Screen;(5)

-- Dial from the Today Screen -- enter the contact name, select the number and dial. Add text or picture speed dials for one-touch calls to family and friends, or use the physical or touch screen number keys to dial the number directly;

-- Voicemail controls -- VCR-like icons, such as rewind, delete and fast-forward, for easy navigation;

-- Ignore with text -- ignore a call quickly by sending a text message, such as "In a meeting" or "Can't talk right now";

-- Superior phone and call management -- dedicated mute, speakerphone, conference calling icons, or dial any number in an email or webpage, all with just one touch; and

-- Palm ease-of-use features -- hard buttons for email and calendar, a five-way navigation button and on/off ringer switch.

Exclusive Sprint Content and Services

"Sprint recognizes that businesses must stay productive and competitive with quick, always-accessible information and assistance for their own customers," said Michael Hahn, vice president of device operations for Sprint. "With instant access to email, messaging services and the web on the nation's largest Mobile Broadband Network, Sprint provides its customers the mobile tools they need to increase productivity and improve competitiveness now."

In addition to the valuable business-friendly features delivered through Palm and Windows Mobile 6.1, new business applications are being created through Sprint's newly launched Professional Developer Program and with tools such as the Titan platform for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. A growing community of application developers who may previously have focused on desktop services are now finding it easier to generate services that can perform on both the desktop and mobile devices.

Pricing and Availability

The Treo 800w is available today for consumers and businesses at Sprint Stores, online at www.sprint.com or www.palm.com, and through Sprint or Palm's B2B sales organizations. It will be available for $249.99 after discounts and rebates with a two-year contract.

Dimensions: 4.4" x 2.3" x 0.7"

Weight: 5.0 oz

Battery Information: 1150 mAh standard

Included Accessories:

  • Standard Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
  • Battery Door
  • AC Charger with Adapter
  • MicroUSB Sync Cable
  • Stereo Headset
  • User Guide is available here.

    Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Software

    Windows Mobile 6.1 provides features allowing you to stay connected to your business and personal data on the go. Windows Mobile 6.1 supports many forms of email including HTML mobile. Edit documents using Microsoft Mobile applications. Easily transfer your digital multimedia from your Windows-based PC to your device.

    GPS Capable

    Autonomous and simultaneous GPS using Sprint Navigation for turn by turn directions, and points of interest searches.

    Wireless Email-Corporate & Personal

    Outlook email with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and HTML support. Send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts. Also, get wireless email access to popular commercial POP3 and IMAP accounts like AOL, Gmail, Earthlink, and Yahoo!

    Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

    Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication by using headsets, car-kits and other Bluetooth-compatible devices.* Stereo Bluetooth lets you listen to your music on the go or listen to your music using compatible accessories without wires. *Bluetooth wireless accessories are sold separately.

    Embedded Wi-Fi

    Instant-on short-cut button for Wi-Fi access where Sprint's Mobile Broadband Network is unavailable.

    Attachment Viewing and Editing

    Edit Microsoft® Excel® and Word®. View PowerPoint®, PDF Mobile documents and more.

    2.0 Megapixel camera/camcorder

    Shoot high-resolution digital images or videos. Capable of 2X Zoom. Build and customize your favorite photos into your very own slide show on this powerful device. Send your photos using Outlook Mobile.

    Micro SD Expansion Card Slot

    Capable of a 8GB Micro SD Card - Add memory and selected peripherals, transfer music, photos, and video from your desktop, or load additional games and applications.

    Sprint TV® Enabled

    Watch live TV and video-on-demand with full-motion video and vivid sound. Catch the latest news, sports, weather, entertainment and movie trailers on the go.

    Built-in media player

    See and hear your favorite news, sports, and other fun content in real-time streaming video and audio, all at broadband speeds.

    Easy Navigation

    Touch-screen and integrated, backlit QWERTY keyboard makes sending email and editing documents fast and familiar. Central five-way navigation button provides easy access to menus and dramatically improves one-handed operation.


    Hands-free operation of your phone is made easy with the built-in speakerphone allowing you to take a conference call virtually anywhere!

    Customize to suit your style

    Make the Palm Treo 800W exclusively yours by adding applications which can also be found on www.palm.com among games and downloads found on www.sprint.com.

    Brilliant Color display

    Vibrant TFT display with 65K colors and 320 x 320 resolution


    256MB user memory and 128MB of program memory offers plenty of room to carry everything you need.

    Data Transfer Mode (DTM)

    Set in the default position allowing users in an active data session to be notified of incoming voice calls, rather than having them go automatically to voicemail.

    Voice Memo/Recorder

    Record your brilliant ideas with the built-in voice recorder.

    Customizable picture Caller ID

    Know who's calling you by linking downloaded images and photos to specific contacts in your internal phone book.

    Phone as Modem:

    Take advantage of Sprint Mobile Broadband on your laptop by using your smart device as a wireless modem (USB cable included). Requires appropriate service plan.

    TTY Compatible

    This phone connects to a TTY device, allowing anyone who is visually- or hearing-impaired the ability to communicate.

    Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)

    This handset has been certified as Hearing Aid Compatible in accordance with applicable industry standards. This handset has a HAC rating of M3 for hearing aids operating in the acoustic mode. This handset has a HAC rating of T3 for hearing aids operating in the telecoil mode.

    7/14/2008 11:23:12 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    CANCELLED: Windows Mobile User/Developer Group Meeting Wednesday, July 16, 2008#
    Post By Don Sorcinelli

    Due to some scheduling conflicts and the height of Summer Vacation time, we will not be having our monthly New England Windows Mobile User/Developer Group meeting this month. We do, however, plan on having a meeting next month on Wednesday, August 20th. Stay tuned for more announcements on that event...

    7/14/2008 8:58:45 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Review : Sprite Archie#
    Post By Eric Hicks





    A problem I've had when updating the ROM on my devices or recovering from a hard reset is having access to my SMS messages and call logs.  Many messages that I receive have important information in them and my call log is important as it allows me to keep track of my my calls for billing purposes.  I would like to have access to this information after my device has been cleared and I would like to have access to this information from my computer, plus I would like to have this all do without user intervention.  Sprite Archie does just that. 


    Installation of Sprite Archie takes up about 1.2 MB of space on the device.  account optionsThe installation is quick and straight forward.  Launching the program for the first time will get you a screen like this.  









    After tapping Yes on the above screen you will be taken to a screen to select howaccount options2 outgoing messages are handled.   Basic settings like the account, e-mail address and the associated display name can all be set here.  If you use a mail client with rules you could set the display name to something useful then apply rules in your mail client to deal with the message as you please.








    Once your account options have been set you are brought back to the initial screen main screen.  Notice each item has a circle with a slash through it?  This means that the archiving of those items have been disabled.









    If you tap on the circle you will be shown an image of a envelope which e-mail selection means that item will archive to the e-mail address you set earlier. 









    Another tap will show an image of a file which means the selected itemfile selection will archive to a file locally on the device. 










    You can mix and match archival options for each category if you with so mixture selectionif you didn't care about sent SMS's but wanted incoming SMS's to be archived on the device while having your call logs e-mailed it's all possible.









    The location of the archive can be set to any place on the device (even the storage card) within filing optionthe options menu and can be appended to an existing file or completely overwrite an existing file.









    Not only can the location of the file be set but also the file type.output type  Sprite Archie supports exporting to Plain Text, Xml and Csv files which can either be saved on the device or embedded in an e-mail.  Because the information will be embedded in an e-mail and not as an attachment you will need to copy the information from the e-mail and put it into a file that you can work with but the formatting has already been done.  Files archive to the device appear in the correct file extensions so no copying needed. 







    Here's a portion of an Xml export on the device

    <SmsSent EntryType="SmsSent">
              <Date>2008-01-31 14:05:13</Date>
              <Message>Are you going to be at the shop today?

              <Recipient>Greg &lt;(201) 555-1212&gt;</Recipient>


    Sprite Archive is very versatile, you can manually export the items you need or have it setup as a scheduled task.  For initial installations I suggest doing a full export then set the scheduled task to handle things afterwards.  The export screen gives plenty of options to work with.  export options e-mail or fileoutput type








    You have a choice of what you wish to export, the destination, format and time frame.  Once selected tap ok and your items will be archived via e-mail or a file. 

    Now doing manual exports is fine for initial installations but I'm too busy to be thinking optionsabout archiving my items everyday and of course the day you forget to archive is the day something terrible happens to your device.  Well Sprite Archie has a scheduled task option that will export your items for you at whatever times you set.









    After selecting option you wish to automate, you will be presented with schedule optionsthose familiar options from the export screen with an additional schedule item to tell Sprite Archie when you want it to archive to take place.  As you can see you have the option to archive immediately, daily or weekly.  Choosing the Immediate option is nice for local file archiving but for e-mails this will fill your inbox quickly depending on the frequency of events and will also cause a big spike in data usage if you are using direct push.







    I set my schedule to archive items to e-mail me towards the end of the day but the end of day archivechoice is always up to you and Sprite Archie gives you the options that let you customize the archive settings however you want. 









    Sprite Archie is a great program that once set, allows me to be assured that my items are safe in the event of total data loss on the device.  There are a few options that I would love to see in a future release of Sprite Archie.  One options is a way to restore information back to the device.  This would be handy when you switch devices and you want to keep the data consistent.  The other option is to have an attachment for e-mail archives instead of the embedded information. 

    If you have a need to archive SMS's and call logs then Sprite Archie should be on your list of software to check out.  Sprite Archie is available directly from Sprite Software for $14.95

    7/14/2008 7:57:25 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Samsung SC-MX20 Flash-based Compact CamCorder Delivers Features at Comfortable Price Point#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    I just had someone email about a suggestion for a cheap video camera that was easy to use and had no tapes or DVDs. I remember at CES 2008 there were a few affordable camcorders out there and was compiling a list when I got a press release this morning from Samsung Electronics America, Inc. on their SC-MX20, the successor to the popular SC-MX10 compact digital camcorder, that a few friends have and love. This camcorder is targeting consumers looking for an easy way of uploading video content to the Internet, the SC-MX20 features a customized recording mode optimized for YouTube™ or multi-media devices, further simplifying the way users integrate the camcorder into their digital lifestyles.

    Samsung SC-MX20 Camcorder 2

    The Samsung SC-MX20 Camcorder features a high-performance 680K pixel CCD sensor which delivers a resolution of 720x480, the Samsung SC-MX20 captures video with stunning color and clarity. The new model features a powerful Schneider lens with 34x optical zoom and advanced noise reduction (3-D Noise Reduction) technology to provide superb video quality. It also features Samsung’s improved Advanced Image Stabilization, assuring that consumers will be able to record blur-free memories both near and far, as well as Face Detection, which can automatically detect up to five faces and adjust focus to ensure better composition.

    The SC‑MX20 features a slot for SD/SDHC (up to 32GB) and MMC+ memory cards and utilizes H.264 compression for longer record times and enhanced video quality. Samsung’s H.264 technology more than doubles the compression ratio so that it takes less time to send video files via email or upload them onto the Internet.

    Thanks to H.264 compression, when in full resolution and when set to fine mode, users can record up to four hours of footage using an 8GB memory card, eight hours using a 16GB memory card, and up to 16 hours using a 32GB memory card. Furthermore, the SC-MX20 features the longest battery life in its class, lasting up to three hours.

    For added convenience, and to enhance the consumer’s experience when shooting video, the new SC-MX20 features Samsung’s exclusive swivel hand-grip which effortlessly adjusts for regular and low angle shooting.  The camcorder features a large 2.7 inch LCD to help users frame their subjects and review footage even in sunlight.

    “The SC-MX20 is a camcorder that offers a host of advanced features at an impressive price point,” said Tony Sorice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digital Imaging at Samsung Electronics America. “Sharing many of the same advanced features as our higher-end digital camcorders, including the head-turning design of the SC-HMX20C, the SC-MX20 is sure to stand out from the crowd of ‘me-too’ camcorders.” 

    The SC-MX20 features a unique shooting mode that allows users to select a resolution and format that are perfect for uploading content to YouTube™ or multi-media devices. By selecting the Web & Mobile mode, the camcorder’s resolution is automatically adjusted to 640x480 (H.264 / AAC / MP4) and optimized for use on Web sites. Unlike other camcorders, users can easily import video from the SC-MX20 and play it on MP3 players and other portable multimedia players supporting H.264, without having to convert the files. The SC-MX20 also comes bundled with CyberLink software for the additional editing and customization of video files.

    The SC-MX20 features Samsung’s useful iCheck and iScene modes. iCheck allows the user to effortlessly check remaining battery life and memory capacity with the touch of a button, while iScene allows the user to select up to 10 automatic scene modes for capturing the best footage no matter what environment they may be in.


    Image Sensor 680K pixel CCD
    Lens 34x Optical Zoom
    f=1.6 ~ 4.3
    LCD 2.7" LCD
    Image Stabilizer Advanced Image Stabilization
    Memory - SD/SDHC  (up to 32GB)
    - MMC+
    Interface - USB 2.0
    - AV inputs/outputs
    Other Features - Aspect ratio 4:3 & 16:9
    - 720x480 Resolution
    - Schneider Optics
    - Innovative Swivel Grip
    - 3 Hours of Battery Life
    - YouTube Recording Mode
    - H.264 Compression

    Appealing to a variety of consumers, the SC-MX20 will be available in four colors, including black, red, white, and blue, all with silver trim. The SC-MX20 will be available in August 2008 with an estimated selling price of $279.99 a very affordable price point.

    It is one of the most affordable cameras out there with a great lens set at CES, I remember Eric stating this would make a cheap backup camera or a great camera for his son.Granted he was also eyeing their sub-$1000 HD camera that handles H264 mpeg-4 files as well. :)

    7/9/2008 9:02:52 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Media Center Sideshow Gadget#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    Since we first mentioned Windows Vista Sideshow gadgets, we have received lots of comments from people, that they would love to see some for Media Center Sideshow gadgets. Well guess what, Stuart Thailand over at the Media Center blog found that there are some beta Windows Media Center Gadgets for download on the Microsoft Connect site.


    I've been talking about this for months now over on TGB and the potential Windows SideShow holds and that this was indeed coming. Released today at long last, is Beta 1 of the Windows Media Center SideShow Gadget.

    I've had a very quick look at it and done some screen shots. I need to play around with it in much more detail and do a full write up about it soon.

    I've opened a new thread on TGB here to discuss this new SideShow Gadget.

    Media Center Gadgets - General Information and Known Issues There are 4 Media Center gadgets: Download and install the Beta Media Center Gadgets: Click here to download.


    Note: To get this download you have to first be a member of Connect and join the beta for Windows Sideshow (you will be automatically approved). After you register the link in the Click here to download will work.



    Browse TV and schedule recordings. Browse the TV program guide, view metadata on upcoming or current shows, and pick shows to watch and record (single showing or series), without interrupting the TV viewing experience. Recorded TV. Select a previously recorded program to play back, without interrupting the viewing experience on the TV.



    Play Music. Browse the media library, control music playback on the PC by using the remote control device instead of the primary display, such as a TV. Play radio presets. Browse your radio presets and playback that station through your Media Center.

    Pictures + Videos:


    Browse the picture and video libraries. Make a selection on the remote and that picture or video will be displayed on the TV.

    Now Playing:


    Provides "now playing" information. The remote control device shows information about the currently playing medium, such as the track title or the time elapsed similar to the Windows Media Player SideShow gadget. Known Issues: Enabling the Gadgets on more than one SideShow device to control the Media Center PC is not supported for Beta Enabling the Gadgets for more than one user session on your PC is not supported for this Beta.

    Thanks for the great find Stuart!! :)

    7/6/2008 10:09:48 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    PPCTechs Independence Day Discount#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    PPCTechs is offering a special word of thanks to all the service men and women who fight for our continued independence and freedom!

    ppctechslogo happy 4th

    They know, we are all feeling the pinch at the gas pump these days. To help, they're offering a BUY TWO (2) and GET ONE (1) FREE Accessory Sale. Buy any two accessories and get the third accessory of equal or lesser value of the highest priced accessory, for free, excluding tax.

    Celebration Special:

    PPCTechs would like to extend this exclusive offer to you, our loyal customer. From July 4th, 2008 until July 31st, 2008, enter the code PPCTRC0708 in the special instructions section of our online order form to receive the "BUY TWO (2) and GET ONE (1) FREE Accessory Sale" .

    You will also receive a 15% discount off the MSRP of any other repairs that you may order during the month. Your discount will be applied when we process your order.

    If you don't see your model listed on their website, please email them for more information. 

    For more information on new products and services, please visit their News Section.

    7/5/2008 10:20:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Griffin Technology Celebrates the 4th of July with 20% off#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    Well the holiday's bring out great things sales and discounts. The folks at Griffin Technology are offering 20% off your entire purchase until the end of July.

    Celebrate July 4th with 20% off your entire purchase at griffintechnology.com now through the end of July! When you check out, use the coupon code 'FIREWORKS' to apply the discount! (Good through 7/31/2008)

    All you have to do is head over to Griffin Technology, enter in the code FIREWORKS and you are on to saving 20% off until the end of July. Just in time for those eyeing the new iPhone coming out in less than a week.

    7/5/2008 10:03:13 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Intellinav Sale 20% off#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    If you are looking for a good deal on a GPS unit, the folks at Intellinav have some  good deals at their store. Intellinav units use one of my favorite navigation software engines that are also for the Windows platform and Windows Mobile platform from the folks iGuidance. (I just hope they continue to develop it and come out with a Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone edition). In the mean time the folks at Intellinav have got some great deals on their stand alone units, which look very good.


    To take advantage of the sale head over to http://store.intellinav.com and enter in code july420 for an additional 20% Off.

    7/5/2008 9:22:37 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    VITO Technology updates FunContact to version 2.15#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    VITO Technology releases a new version of FunContact - the contact manager that provides an exciting and convenient contact management on Windows Mobile touch screen devices (yeah its similar to the kinetic experience you get on some other devices that begin with the letter 'i'. You can do everything with a quick flick of a finger!

    vito contact blk vito contact blk2

    FunContact 2.15 presents two major new features: a new black skin like in the recently released in both ZoomBoard and SMS-Chat, and also joystick support. The black skin fits perfectly brand-new Windows Mobile devices hitting the market like HTC Diamond, TyTN II, Touch Pro and all other devices from Touch series as they all have dim color theme.

    vito contact 2
    The original "fun" skin is still available and allows even serious businessmen to take their ease on vacation and relax.  Also joystick support has been added due to the huge outcry from Vito's customers since FunContact was released. New FunContact gives you the choice: you can scroll the list with a finger or with a joystick. Both variants are very convenient, and though the main idea of FunContact is to manage contacts with finger, some FunContact users addicted to joystick now can also benefit by performing all the basic operations in FunContact like calling, texting ,etc. with joystick.

    FunContact is available for $19.95 at  http://iwindowsmobile.com/contact-manager.html. FunContact also supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

    7/1/2008 4:47:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


    Astraware Announces Free Fireworks#
    Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

    The folks at Astraware are pleased to announce their fun application Astraware Fireworks is now available again for a limited time. Astraware Fireworks is a simple FREE application, showing sequences of fireworks flying and exploding into the air. As 4th July is traditionally a time for fireworks and celebrations in the USA, the features have been created to help our American friends highlight one of their major holidays - Independence Day! Astraware Fireworks features a selection of patriotic backgrounds including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Stars and Stripes, and offers a choice of stirring tunes including the Star Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes Forever!

    Astraware fireworks

    Astraware Fireworks is available for devices running Palm OS(R) 5 and later and Windows Mobile(R) 2003 and later, and this year a new BlackBerry(R) version is available which includes the backgrounds and firework effects but doesn't include music, so sorry BlackBerry-owners - this time round you'll have to hum your own marches!

    What better way to celebrate 4th July than with some Fireworks? Download your copy today at http://www.astraware.com/fireworks - it's available for a limited time only! Oh, and did we mention, it's FREE?! We all like FREE.

    Also if you are a Club Astraware member (if you aren't a member you can register for free!) you can get Big Box of Blox (here is your favorite price again) absolutely FREE throughout July '08 on S60, Windows Mobile and Palm OS phones, and it's still a very reasonable $9.95 for non-members.  If you aren't familiar with Big Box of Blox it is a blox-stacking game taken to outrageous extremes! Players arrange the three-blox-high stacks as they fall. Match blox in groups of three or more, vertically or horizontally, to eliminate them - but that's not all!

    The cool thing about this game is that you just don't stack the blox. Smash them, blast them, mutate them or explode them in a shower of flames! Use special blox including jokers, bombs, frogs, mushrooms, fireballs and slot machines to clear the board before it reaches the top!

    Big Box of Blox includes five mind-bending game modes: Flaming Peelout, Blok Atak, Groink, Mushroom King and Asylum Cubez, and players can even create their own combination using the special Custom Mode.

    Enjoy the 4th of July thanks to the folks at Astraware!

    7/1/2008 4:29:14 PM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00) #     |  Trackback


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