PhatPad updated: New version, 4.1#
Post By Louis Senecal

Phatware recently announced their updated PhatPad product and Microsoft Vista compatibility. Over the past years, I have test driven their products and reviewed them in detail here and I have never been disappointed. The below screenshots are only a few highlights of what this remarkable product can do. If I only had one word to describe this software, it would be: SMOOTH.  I will probably never use the built in notes program on my handheld again because of this and all the advanced user friendly features.

The below product highlights were taken from their website, which you can go to by Clicking Here. Try the software out for free for 30 days and see for yourself. What do you have to lose? Don't forget to check the link out above for specials, compatibility, upgrade offers and so much more.

  • Allows to load background images (SEE SCREENSHOT)

  • Allows toolbar customization (SEE SCREENSHOT) It is as easy as Drag & Drop!

  • Supports handwriting recognition (PenOffice and/or CalliGrapher software is required, sold separately); Tablet PC recognizer can be also used

  • Supports vertical and horizontal auto scrolling

  • Allows to mix digital text, handwriting and drawing on the same page

  • Supports document templates

  • Supports printing (Desktop/Tablet PC)

  • Supports document password protection with 265-bit encryption

  • Includes 7 UI themes (Desktop/Tablet PC)

  • Includes new bring to front/send to back commands

  • Includes spell checker for Desktop PC

  • Allows changing page order in the PhatPad document

  • Allows notes animation with new Animation feature

  • Includes multiple customizable toolbars

  • Includes new File and Page managers for Pocket PC

  • Includes new Pocket PC Today screen add-on (SEE SCREENSHOT)

  • Supports Windows Mobile 5.0

  • Supports Windows Vista (x86 and x64)

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Motion Launches Industry’s First Tablet PC Designed Specifically for Medical Use#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Motion Computing is gearing up for some business at the next HiMSS conference(booth 5137) in New Orleans that is coming up next week with a release of a Tablet PC designed to turn some heads in the clinical field, by announcing the new C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) at UCSF Medical Center during a joint conference with Intel. The MCA is a new computing category, created by Intel with support from Motion to enable nurses, physicians and other clinicians to do their jobs on the move.

The Motion C5, the first product in the MCA category, which was designed from the ground up to be durable and to simplify workflows, ease clinician workloads and improve overall quality of care. The design is based on input from thousands of clinicians worldwide, the C5 brings reliable, automated patient data management directly to the point of care. Intel and Motion conducted extensive user level, ethnographic, human factors, time/motion and clinical workflow research. This research resulted in clear requirements for a purpose-built mobile device.

This collaborative effort resulted in development of the Motion C5 – designed with and for clinicians – that is now being implemented in clinician usability studies worldwide. The C5 is the first highly sealed, fully disinfectable computer to integrate into one durable device the relevant technologies important to clinician workflow and productivity. The C5 combines multiple devices into one -- including a built-in barcode and RFID reader for patient identification and supply, specimen and medication administration verification; a built-in camera; and a fingerprint reader to improve security and simplify clinician authentication.

Key Features:

Genuine Windows® Vista™ Business or
Genuine Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology
- Intel® Core Solo Processor U1400 (1.20GHz)
- Integrated Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG network connection 512MB RAM (Upgradeable to 1.5GB max) 30GB HDD (60GB option) 
Key Features and Options
- Highly durable design with magnesium-alloy internal frame
   and elastomer overmolding
- Highly sealed, disinfectable chassis
- Optional integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner
- Integrated 13.56MHz RFID reader
- Integrated 13.56MHz HF passive RFID tag
- Integrated 2.0 Megapixel Camera
- One-year standard warranty
   (upgradeable to two or three years) 

 For more information head to Motion's website here

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Next Club Pocket PC - Boston Meeting: Wednesday, February 21st#
Post By Don Sorcinelli

The next meeting of Club Pocket PC - Boston will be held on Wednesday, February 21st beginning at 6:30 PM at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA (3 Jones Road, 6th Floor).


Our next meeting will include the following topics:

  • Introducing Windows Mobile 6 - Don Sorcinelli and Steve Hughes will provide a walk-through of the newest version of the Windows Mobile operating system and what it means to mobile users and developers.
  • Office 2007 Changes and Enhancements for Mobile Users - This presentation/demonstration will focus on some of the new functionalities for Office 2007 users who are "on-the-go".
  • Microsoft and "The Daylight Savings Time Dilemna" - Learn what you need to do with all of your Microsoft technologies (including mobile devices) to prepare for the new Daylight Savings Time dates.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Phatpad 4.1#
Post By Louis Senecal

Here we go again. The updates keep on coming. I will try to get a quick review shortly on this product.

PhatPad 4.1 Offers Improved Performance for Windows Vista

Free PhatPad viewer allows users to view their PhatPad documents for the first time on Windows Mobile based smartphones

Mountain View, CA, February 14, 2007 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatPad 4.1, the next generation of the company's award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based Tablet, Desktop and Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs.

PhatPad allows users to draw pictures, jot notes or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The program uses new digital ink technology, which provides a very smooth ink flow, so it feels like writing on an actual piece of paper. While working with the note editor, PhatPad offers standard editing commands in addition to a customizable pen palette and variable pen width.
To address customer's needs and requests, the upgraded software now includes PhatPad viewer, which allows users to view PhatPad files for the first time on their Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones. The PhatPad viewer is included with the application and can also be downloaded separately from PhatWare’s Web site for free. The PhatPad viewer is also available for Pocket PCs, which allows PhatPad users to share their documents and drawings with Pocket PC and smartphone users who do not have PhatPad.

PhatPad 4.1 offers improved performance and installation experience on Microsoft Windows Vista computers. The new Multipage Undo action stores data for each page that is necessary to undo the users last editing actions, while saving information as the user changes pages. Additionally, the application’s footprint on Tablet and Pocket PCs has been reduced by 10 percent compared to the previous version.

"PhatWare is thrilled about the continuous improvements that are being made to PhatPad based on the professional and consumer feedback," said PhatWare president Stan Miasnikov. "Our goal is to provide our customers with the best."

The application works on Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003 or later and Tablet, Desktop and UMPCs with Windows 2000 SP3 or later (including Windows Vista with Windows Mobile Device Center component).

PhatPad Pricing and Availability
PhatPad 4.1 is available now at the list price of $39.95. A free 30-day trial version of PhatPad 4.1 can be downloaded from the PhatWare web site at PhatPad 4.1 is a free upgrade for all registered uses of PhatPad 4.0 and for registered users of PhatPad 3.0 who purchased the product on or between September 10, 2006 and December 20, 2006. All other registered users of any previous versions of PhatPad can purchase the latest version for a special upgrade price of $24.95.

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What's New in Windows Mobile 6#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

If you are wondering what is new in Windows Mobile 6, Jason Langridge has a great writeup on some of the new features with screenshots called Windows Mobile 6 - What's Cool and What's New. Jaap van Ekris also covered a few things Jason left out in his article, What will Windows Mobile 6 bring for the highly mobile people? over at Modern Nomads. Chris Leckness has put together a pretty good video that is definitely worth checking out at MobiltySite on Windows Mobile 6. and Pocket PC Thoughts have some great gallery of shots and screen captures of the OS in action. Also Darius Wey has found some great news pertaining to the new imate ultimate devices and Windows Vista Sideshow, in that they can be used to display video as Windows Media Center Extenders with special docking stations.They will also be utilizing the AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) band, which T-Mobile took the lionshare of in last year's spectrum auctions.

There are a smorgasbord of new devices coming out on the Windows Mobile 6 platform. Some were covered very well by Engadget, MobilitySitethe::unwired ,  Jason Langridge, GearDiary and others from HTC, imate, and others. There is also a great video with Derek Snyder from Microsoft at on10 covering all the new mobile devices in all their glory. It is great to see so much choice of Windows Mobile Devices. A few years ago you couldn't even purchase one in the United States now I am wondering if too much choice may confuse many and cloud the market for some consumers.

Either way there is much more to come...

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Opera 9 Goes Mobile#
Post By Don Sorcinelli

Opera Software announced plans to upgrade mobile Web browsing by developing Opera 9 for mobile phones in all major platforms. Opera 9 has enriched Web use on the PC with new technologies, and now the leading browser innovator will deliver the same groundbreaking functionality to mobile phones. The upcoming Opera Mobile edition includes the latest in PC browsing features such as Widgets and Intelligent Zoom.

Opera for Pocket PCOpera 9 on mobile phones will add completely new dimensions to navigation. Users can seamlessly alternate between viewing modes to get a birds-eye perspective or dive into the content they want. Users have the choice to see an overview of a Web page or adapting the page to the width of the screen. As first seen with the Opera browser for Wii, Intelligent Zoom allows users to then zoom in directly to a selected area.

Widgets will also debut on mobile phones with the upcoming release of Opera Mobile. These small Web applications running outside of the browser allow users, manufacturers and operators to create and personalize services derived from Web content such as weather and traffic information, news and e-mail. Widgets offer Web applications that are instantly accessible on the phone without having to launch the Web browser, presenting dynamic and engaging content directly to users.

"We are impressed with the constantly evolving experience of browsing the Web," says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "Bringing Opera 9 to mobile phones will present new capabilities in mobile Web services that will be exciting to see defined."

Opera's JavaScript and rendering engines are built for speed while enabling dynamic AJAX-based applications. Driving standards compliance, Opera Mobile has full DOM support and can smoothly run advanced Web applications on mobile phones.

Opera Mobile is currently shipped on more than 50 million phones from major manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. For more information, visit

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DataViz' Documents To Go Fills Editing Gap for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Devices#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

DataViz officially released a version of Documents To Go for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones.  This application allow users of Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on their devices and in their native formats. In addition, users can view Adobe® PDF files and decompress zipped e-mail attachments.  Other features include support for password protected Word and Excel files and the ability to view, edit and create Excel charts.

Documents To Go on Motorola Q

Documents To Go, will now allow users of Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on their devices and in their native formats. In addition, users can view Adobe® PDF files and decompress zipped e-mail attachments.  Other features include support for password protected Word and Excel files and the ability to view, edit and create Excel charts.  Documents To Go is available for a  wide variety of Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices such as the Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile SDA, Cingular 3125 and Cingular 2125, to name a few.

"We are pleased to see DataViz bring its industry-leading mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, to the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform," said Will Pinnell, Senior Director of Content, Handango. "As the leading provider of mobile content, we recognize the increasing consumer demand to edit Office files on Windows Mobile Smartphone devices, which lack this functionality out of the box.  Documents To Go provides a reliable and robust after-market solution.”

“We are excited to expand our product line to include Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices,” said Danny Tu, Product Manager, DataViz, Inc.  “Documents To Go provides an effective and reliable document editing solution which retains 100% file formatting with InTact Technology™. Users can have complete confidence when editing and emailing Office files such as a sales contract or year end reports right from their devices.“

DataViz’s commitment to developing Office compatibility for a wide variety of mobile devices began in 1999 with Documents To Go for Palm OS and has since been extended to support Symbian UIQ, Series 80 and now Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices.  In addition, Documents To Go is currently available on all shipping versions of Palm OS devices and most recently on Motorola’s enterprise device, the MOTO Q PRO running Windows Mobile 5.0.  

For more information head here.

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smart2go Beta#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Well, the smart2go beta is now live and you can begin downloading now. About a year ago I had reviewed smart2go for both the Pocket PC, Smartphone and System 60 phones and met with the folks bringing it to the United States before it was acquired by Nokia. It was pretty good and loved the natural zooming in and out as you made turns and the small footprint of the maps. The next version so far is free (Navigation upgrades and guides look to be $7.99) and it now has updated maps and a cleaner UI. It has the same Find See Do, City guides available as well.


It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an affordable GPS system. You can download it directly from here.

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Daylight Saving Time 2007 Update for Windows Mobile and Windows Computers#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

An idea Benjamin Franklin came up with more than 200 years ago and wrote the saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” and was later implemented by William Willett, in1907 and has been changed several times up to 1966, when the Uniform Time Act was passed in the United States. Well  Congress has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 starting in 2007 (If you are in IT this is the new Y2K dubbed Y2K7). Canada has adopted similar DST dates. DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier (2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March) and will end one week later (2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in November).These changes could cause clocks and Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments on Windows Mobile-powered devices to display incorrect times for March 11 – April 1, 2007 and October 28 – November 4, 2007 and again in subsequent years.

You can prevent these problems by installing three Microsoft files on your device and/or PC:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Update
  • Daylight Saving Time 2007 Update Tool
  • Outlook Time Zone Update Tool  

All users in the United States, Canada and Mexico should immediately install these updates. Users in other countries should install these updates if they travel to the United States, Canada and/or Mexico or if they make calendar appointments that include attendees that are based in the United States, Canada and/or Mexico.

Be sure to follow the step by step directions here.


If you use Microsoft Outlook to synchronize your calendar, download and run the Outlook Time Zone Update Tool.

If you do not use Microsoft Outlook to synchronize your calendar, connect your Windows Mobile device to your PC, then download and run the Daylight Saving Time 2007 Update Tool.

If you are unable to connect your device to a computer you can download and apply a CAB file directly to your device from here:

IMPORTANT: For the tool to properly update the Daylight Saving Time settings, you must manually change the time zone on your device. To properly update the Daylight Saving Time settings, you need to manually change the time zone at least once on your device.

For a Pocket PC:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Clock & Alarms > Time tab.
  2. Change the current time zone to any time zone other than the one that is currently selected.
  3. Tap OK and tap Yes to save changes to the clock settings.
  4. Change the current time zone to the one you want to use.
  5. Tap OK and tap Yes to save changes to the clock settings.

For a Smartphone:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Clock & Alarms > Date and Time.
  2. Change the current time zone to any time zone other than the one that is currently selected.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Change the current time zone to the one you want to use.
  5. Click Done.

Here are the directions for the 2007 time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems so update your computers too!

For more information on how daylight saving time changes may impact other Microsoft products, visit the following Microsoft Web site:  Preparing for daylight saving time changes in 2007

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Windows Live for Windows Mobile is now Live!#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

At the 3GSM World Congress, Microsoft announced three new Windows Live for mobile services that provide search and communications capabilities to help people access their world of relationships, information and interests from their mobile device. Now available in the United States and the United Kingdom, Live Search for Windows Mobile and Live Search for Java provide customers with advanced local search and mapping capabilities on their mobile device. In conjunction with the availability of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft also introduced Windows Live for Windows Mobile — a rich set of Windows Live services including e-mail, instant messaging and search — uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile powered devices.

“People want to stay connected and informed wherever they are, and our aim is to deliver easy-to-use, familiar mobile services that keep people connected to the people and information they care about,” said Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of the Online Services Group at Microsoft. “Live Search for mobile and Windows Live for Windows Mobile are the latest examples of our commitment to enhancing the mobile search and services experience for our customers, and helping mobile operators, OEMs and advertising partners access new revenues and differentiate their products in this competitive mobile market.”

Live Search for Windows Mobile and Live Search for Java

Live Search is now available as a software client application on Windows Mobile and Java devices. These Live Search applications represent the latest innovation in mobile search from Microsoft, providing customers with fast, easy access to local listings and maps. New capabilities include a unique, category-based search, which virtually eliminates the need to type text into the phone; an option to “map all results” so several listings appear on the same map; aerial imagery; and local traffic status in selected U.S. cities. Live Search for Windows Mobile provides additional new capabilities including satellite imagery, GPS integration and the ability to send search results to a friend.

The new Live Search applications will be available in the United States and the United Kingdom to customers using Windows Mobile powered devices, Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 devices, the Motorola RAZR/SLVR family, and assorted LG and Samsung devices. Live Search for mobile provides Windows Mobile and Java customers the following capabilities:

- Category-based local searching. Live Search for mobile offers the new option to search for local businesses, points of interest or services right on a mobile device without any typing. Based on their location, users can browse categories such as restaurants, hotels and accommodations, and shopping. Searches return local results with address and telephone details and provide easy options to save to contacts, map directions to or from, search nearby, map all locations, or call. Customers can also enter specific search terms to find information about a business listing, residential listing or business topic, and with integrated contact information users are able to send listing results to a friend.

- Maps and directions. Global positioning capabilities built into Live Search for mobile enable users to search and explore routes from their current location. Users can enter virtually any start and end point to retrieve routes with turn-by-turn directions and display maps with road or aerial views. For the best user experience, Live Search capabilities from Microsoft use new Virtual Earth™ technology to provide rich, responsive local searches with maps, directions and imagery; aerial imagery is available for Windows Mobile customers.

- Traffic. Real-time traffic data is available for more than 25 U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. Traffic conditions are reported on local maps with simple green, red and yellow gradients.

  • Find local listings for business and entertainment.

  • Access one-click calling to phone numbers.

  • Get maps and driving directions.

  • Get answers via SMS with Instant Answers. Beta for mobile - Allows you to take your homepage with you while you’re out and about. Get to the all the news, weather, sports, and customized info that’s on your page with Beta for mobile.

Windows Live Messenger Beta for mobile - Windows Live Messenger for mobile helps customers stay connected to the people who matter to them most while they are on the go. All the things customers love about Windows Live Messenger on the PC — a presence-enabled contact list, dozens of emoticons, instant access to friends — is available on their mobile phone. On Windows Mobile powered devices, Windows Live offers customers brilliant new ways to connect and share with friends, including the power to send messages via voice as well as text, join multiparty chats, see friends’ display tiles, and send and receive files, including personal photos.

  • Set status (online, offline and mobile) and see the presence of friends and colleagues.

  • Send messages via voice as well as text.

  • Use emoticons to express exactly how you feel.

Windows Live Mail. Microsoft’s e-mail service for mobile devices allows consumers to manage their Windows Live Mail or Hotmail® account while on the go. Using the power of Windows Mobile 6 software, consumers now get all the richness of HTML to view graphics, Web links and more in their e-mail messages. New e-mail technology sends new e-mail messages automatically to mobile devices, so customers can trust that their inbox is always up to date.

Windows Live Spaces. With Windows Live Spaces for mobile, Microsoft’s global blogging and photo service for mobile devices, customers can stay connected to their communities while on the move. With Windows Live Spaces on Windows Mobile powered devices, customers can access links to friends’ spaces within contact cards and can send photos and videos directly to their space from their mobile device.

Windows Live for Windows Mobile also offers value and opportunity for the mobile industry. Windows Live for Windows Mobile enables operators and OEMs to differentiate their products in the marketplace by offering customers new, innovative services while helping to minimize the time to market and certification costs for operator partners. The product was designed and tested with mobile operators in mind and is immediately available for launch.

To read more about Windows Live for Windows Mobile head here.

To experience it for yourself stear your mobile browser to

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Windows Mobile 6 Officially Announced#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

If you didn't already know already here is the official press release:

Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Windows Mobile® 6, the newest version of its mobile software platform. By improving usability and adding support for Microsoft® Office features previously available only on PCs, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 delivers to the small screen a familiar and rich experience that meets the needs of work and life while on the go, all with a single device.

“A work force that is both mobile and connected is becoming essential for business success,” said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “That’s why we’re integrating innovative mobile technologies into all our key products, with Windows Mobile as the centerpiece.”

Windows Mobile 6 delivers the ability to view e-mails in their original rich HTML format with live links to Web and SharePoint® sites, which means text and images are displayed as they would be on a PC, and are available from a corporate e-mail server such as Exchange Server 2007, from Web-based accounts such as Windows Live™ Hotmail or from a myriad of other popular service providers. Windows Mobile 6 also includes Windows Live for Windows Mobile, which provides customers with a rich set of Windows Live services. For example, now through Windows Live Messenger, people can chat with more than one person at one time, express themselves through animated figures, quickly send a file or image, or record and send voice notes.

The newest version of the platform offers the most genuine Microsoft Office system experience in the mobile versions of Office Outlook®, Office Word, Office Excel® and Office PowerPoint® by bringing capabilities once available only on the PC versions of these products to the small screen. This allows users to neatly view, navigate and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in their original formatting, without affecting tables, images or text, and to view PowerPoint presentations on their device.

All Windows Mobile 6 powered devices include Direct Push Technology for up-to-date e-mail delivery and automatic synchronization of Outlook calendars, tasks and contacts through Microsoft Exchange Server. Windows Mobile 6 also offers a set of important device security and management features that include the capability to remotely wipe all data from a device should it be lost or stolen, helping ensure that confidential information remains that way.

Broad Industry Support to Result in Broader Choice of Devices

By the second quarter of this year, the world will see the first Windows Mobile 6 powered devices available on the market. In Europe, Orange plans to deliver the SPV E650 smartphone from HTC, and in Japan, SoftBank Mobile Corp. will offer new devices from Toshiba and HTC. And in the United States, the popular T-Mobile Dash will be updated with Windows Mobile 6 and be available in the coming months. Current T-Mobile Dash owners will also be able to upgrade existing devices with Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6.

Scores of additional mobile operators and device makers from around the globe, including Cingular Wireless, now the new AT&T, Chunghwa Telecom, Dopod International Corp., HP, LG Electronics, Motorola Inc., Palm Inc., Samsung, SingTel, Sprint, Telefónica, Toshiba, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone and Willcom, plan to ship Windows Mobile 6-based devices this year. Many of these partners are expanding large existing portfolios of Windows Mobile powered smartphones.

“In a highly sophisticated mobile market such as Japan, people are turning to powerful and intuitive mobile devices to stay competitive in the business world,” said Ted Matsumoto, executive vice president of technology and chief strategy officer at SoftBank. “We continue to work with Microsoft to equip SoftBank Mobile customers with the most cutting-edge tools in mobile technology and are excited that they will be able to experience the enhanced features and functionality of Windows Mobile 6 on two new smart devices from Toshiba and HTC.”

Information Management Made Easier

Users of the Microsoft Office system on the PC — of which there are nearly 400 million worldwide — will feel right at home with the new mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for Windows Mobile 6 powered devices. Windows Mobile 6 addresses extensive user feedback and makes information management easier and more convenient through the following improvements:

Better-looking e-mail. Users view e-mail the way it was intended with its original pictures, tables and formatting, whether from a corporate e-mail server such as Exchange Server 2007, Web-based accounts such as Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, or a wide range of other service providers.

Ease of viewing and editing of Office system documents. The new Office Mobile suite, built for all Windows Mobile powered devices, gives users a truly familiar and powerful experience with rich viewing and editing capabilities, without having to worry about the deletion of critical formatting and images.

E-mail management and setup with fewer clicks. Nine new one-click options have been added, including Reply All, setting a flag, moving a message to a subfolder, and, of course, Delete. Users can set an automatic out-of-office reply while on the road when using a Windows Mobile 6 powered device and Exchange Server 2007.

Synchronization with Windows Vista. Windows Vista™ and the Windows Mobile Device Center take the guesswork out of managing a device and swapping music, pictures, movies and Outlook information between PC and the device.

Smart calendar bar. This innovative new feature gives users the ability to understand at a glance the day or week ahead and quickly determine open time on their schedules. With Exchange Server 2007, they can see who is attending a meeting and forward or reply to meeting requests.

Web search, e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and blogging all together. Windows Live for Windows Mobile will provide customers with a rich set of services including Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Live Search and Windows Live Spaces, uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile software. Users can also find all their contacts in one unified list and see presence information on their Windows Live Messenger contacts.

Contacts with context. Call history is now placed where it belongs, in each individual contact card, so people spend less time searching and more time communicating.

“T-Mobile is excited to make it even easier for our customers to stay connected to the people that matter most with the increased functionality delivered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6,” said Cole Brodman, senior vice president and chief development officer at T-Mobile USA. “The T-Mobile Dash is already one of our best-selling smartphones, so we’re thrilled to improve on an already great communications experience for our customers.”

The Best Platform for Business

Windows Mobile efficiently works with existing Microsoft business technology investments and offers users a familiar software experience, making it the smartest mobile solution for businesses to deploy:

Security options. The platform offers a variety of security options, giving IT departments ways to help secure a device, including new Exchange Server policies and certificate options, storage card encryption, and continued support for remote and local device wipe.

Protected content. Organizations using Information Rights Management (IRM) technology to help control the viewing, storing and printing of confidential information on PCs can now extend those capabilities to Windows Mobile 6 powered devices, a feature not available on any other mobile phone platform.

Line-of-business applications. Powerful, new mobile versions of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft SQL Server™ are built into Windows Mobile 6, making it even easier to create and access sales tools, inventory tracking and many other applications from a Windows Mobile 6 powered smartphone.

Internet sharing. A new built-in application makes using a Windows Mobile 6 powered smartphone as a laptop’s high-speed modem “one-click easy” with either a Bluetooth wireless or cable connection.

Communication alternatives. Windows Mobile 6 makes it easier for operators and device-makers to integrate a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solution into devices they are building. British Telecom in Europe, as well as HP, will be among the first to provide smartphones with new VoIP offerings for their business customers.

“As the first operator to ever release a Windows Mobile Smartphone, Orange has always had a strong relationship with Microsoft, and the launch of Windows Mobile 6 is a natural continuation of our story together,” said Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO of Orange. “Now more than ever our customers can enjoy a straightforward mobile working experience with fast access to e-mail and business applications. The increased security removes barriers to mobile working, allowing more people to experience the benefits of having their office with them on the move.”

Windows Mobile 6 comes fresh on the heels of a successful year that saw Microsoft’s worldwide converged mobile device shipments grow 135.3 percent (year over year) in 2006, according to leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC. The industry is fast taking notice of Microsoft in the wireless arena and realizing the business benefits of Windows Mobile devices, resulting in IDC’s expectation that Windows Mobile will experience the largest growth of any mobile operating system worldwide, at 75.6 percent, through the year 2010.*

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Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows Vista#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Taking some notes from the Experience Pack for Windows XP Microsoft introduces one for Windows Vista, called appropriately enough the Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows Vista

Equation Writer

Enhance your experience using a Tablet PC with these five new programs, which provide unique functionality and fun. Free download of Equation Writer, Media Transfer, Ink Crossword and Ink Flash Cards. Free download of Ink Desktop.

Equation Writer
Add mathematical expressions to your papers. Handwrite a math equation, and then convert it into a neatly typewritten image to paste into a report or a presentation.
Media Transfer
Copy or stream media files from your home computer to your Tablet PC, so that you can enjoy music, videos, or pictures wherever you go.
Ink Crossword
Solve crosswords on your Tablet PC using your tablet pen. Twelve puzzles come with Ink Crossword. You can also download a free daily puzzle and purchase more puzzle packs online.
Ink Flash Cards
Create flash cards to help you learn facts or study for an exam. Handwrite a question on the front of a card and put an answer on the back. Draw, insert graphics, and add text, too.
Ink Desktop
Take notes and refer back to them at anytime using Ink Desktop on a Tablet PC.

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New Mobile PC Hands-On Labs#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

If you are looking for some great step-by-step information about how to build mobile and Tablet PC applications check out these hands-on labs for Windows Vista for Mobile.

Adding Ink and Custom Rendering to Video in .NET Framework 3.0
This lab demonstrates how to create an application in which you add ink to video. You will learn how to add custom rendering of ink on your video. You will also learn how to record the ink and play it back as written while the video is playing.
C#, Windows Vista
Visual Basic .NET , Windows Vista

Windows Presentation Foundation: InkCanvas Element
This lab shows how to create a simple InkCanvas application that demonstrates various editing modes, ink attributes, and means of zooming and scrolling with a Windows Presentation Foundation InkCanvas element.
C#, Windows Vista
Visual Basic .NET, Windows Vista

Using Ink Analysis with Windows Presentation Foundation
This lab exposes you to ink analysis and the InkAnalysis API as they are used in the Windows Presentation Foundation. You add basic analysis to an ink-enabled form, improve ink analysis results by using analysis hints, use analysis hints to populate text boxes, use InkAnalysis APIs to analyze free-form ink, display the results of ink analysis on free-form ink and add a predetermined style to your application.
C# Windows Vista
Visual Basic .NET, Windows Vista

RealTimeStylus APIs
This lab familiarizes you with the Tablet PC RealTimeStylus (RTS) API. You create a pair of RTS plug-ins. The first plug-in is a packet filtering plug-in that demonstrates packet modification by constraining all (x,y) packet data within a rectangular area. The second plug-in is a simple custom dynamic renderer plug-in that renders stylus input by drawing a small circle around each (x,y) point. You then use your plug-ins in a sample application that is provided for you.
C#, Windows XP
C#, Windows Vista

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Windows Mobile 6#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

You may have seen some information on various sites indicating that the next version of Windows Mobile dubbed Windows Mobile 6 is coming. Microsoft was waiting to make the big announcement on Monday at the 3GSM World Congress on Monday in Barcelona. However someone released their story early and stole some of their thunder, so they have allowed some of the information to be released.

Here are some screenshots courtesy of the Hive:

Windows Mobile 6 - Home ScreenWindows Mobile 6 - Email Message

Windows Live Messenger on Windows Mobile 6Windows Live Mail in Windows Mobile 6

Word Mobile in Windows Mobile 6

If you notice some of the screenshots give Windows Mobile a "Vista like" UX(User Experience). There are several added features as well as a change as to what Windows Mobile devices will be called and referred to in the future.

  • Email in Rich HTML Format.
  • Live links to SharePoint sites.
  • Windows Live for Mobile included in Windows Mobile 6.
  • New Security features such as remote wiping capablities if your device is lost or stolen.
  • Enhanced Windows Vista Syncronization through Windows Mobile Device Center.
  • Calendar ribbon gives you your important appoints quickly.
  • Contacts with context – call records now attached to individual contact cards in Windows Mobile 6.
  • .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server built in to Windows Mobile 6.

You get three flavors of Windows Mobile 6 depending on what kind of device you have. Pocket PC's without phone capability are Windows Mobile 6 "Classic". Smartphones are Windows Mobile 6 "Standard" and Pocket PC Phones are Windows Mobile 6 "Professional". In Windows Mobile 5, phones without touchscreens (Smartphones) were a bit more limited than their high end Pocket PC phone brothers. In Windows Mobile 6, certain changes were made regarding making those limitations less of a problem. Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile work on phones without touchscreens for instance.

There are some other new enhancements and we will cover it all in detail after the offical announcement at the 3GSM World Congress on Monday in Barcelona.

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Astraware Announces Open Season on Gnomes with Hammer Heads#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Astraware and PopCap Games are excited to announce that it's open-season on gnomes with the release of Hammer Heads for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC Smartphones and PDAs.

Hammer Heads is a frantic fun-fest for anyone with an aversion to those pesky creatures that live at the bottom of your garden. As the gnomes rise from their holes, just tap the screen to bash them with your hammer! Meet several types of gnome, each with their own unique quirks, collect power-ups to aid you in your quest, and earn special speed bonuses if you're handy with your hammer! A visit to the Tower of Gold can earn you extra cash to spend on special hammer and life upgrades available at the in-game Shiny Shop.

"For each problem there's a solution, but when the solution involves a hammer, you can be sure that it'll end up being rewarding to the soul," said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. "What could be better for testing your reactions and tapping accuracy than teaching those pesky gnomes a lesson!"

Hammer Heads features 2 game modes - Classic Bash - progress through 25 challenging levels and defeat the Gnome King, earning special achievement trophies along the way; and Marathon Bash - a never-ending gnome-bashing extravaganza!

Hammer Heads has been one of the most popular PC and online gaming titles of 2006, and now fans of the game can take it with them on the move.

Hammer Heads is available for devices running Palm OS 5.0 and higher, and Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE and 5.0, from the Astraware website: The game is priced $19.95 with a special release discount for Club Astraware members.

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Spb Software House Releases Spb Mobile Shell#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

The Pocket PC user interface has not been significantly changed for the last six years. Originally the Pocket PC was a PDA designed for stylus navigation and long but infrequent periods of general use. It has since evolved into many things, including a phone. Along the way, though the people who use a Pocket PC and the tasks it is made to perform have changed, the main interface has not. The goal of Spb Mobile Shell is to close this gap between the old Pocket PC interface and one people should expect from such a smart, modern and powerful device.

Spb Mobile Shell consists of three main components:


Now Screen
The most important information at one screen.

Spb Menu
Phone style menu gives instant access to all device features.

Today plug-ins
Big dynamic tabs, weather forecasts, world time, photo speed dial and more.

Spb Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of Windows Mobile. It dramatically improves the standard interface and adds features that most would expect from a modern PDA phone. This program is designed for ROM and it will not be a surprise if in a little while most Windows Mobile devices will bundle this operating system upgrade taking the Pocket PC user interface to the next level. Therefore, Spb Mobile Shell is the first program a Pocket PC user should install on a device running plain Windows Mobile.

Spb Mobile Shell preserves values of an open platform, which is more difficult than creating a closed vertical platform. A few operators and OEMs have tried to customize their devices to look like a consumer phone, but this left some third party applications and built-in system features unusable (for example, adding a full-screen Today plug-in would crowd out other Today plug-ins).


* The most relevant information is displayed on one screen

* Phone style menu

* Weather forecasts

* Photo speed dial

* World time

* Launcher

* Big dynamic tabs on Today

* Color based themes

* Smart contact search

* Auto-hide mode for Today plug-ins

Pricing and Availability

Spb Mobile Shell is currently available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish and Traditional Chinese languages. A free 15-day trial, or the full version of Spb Mobile Shell for 29.95 USD, are available at

*** Further Information and Downloads ***

Further information regarding Spb Mobile Shell can be found at the Spb website:

A free 15-day trial can be downloaded from:

Spb Mobile Shell together with Spb Diary makes a perfect Today screen. Look at this examples:


1. "Classic"
This is the easiest way to configure the integration with Spb Diary.

2. "Diary Addict"
Spb Mobile Shell is in drop down mode and Spb Diary takes the rest of the screen.

3. "Diary Tab"
Spb Diary can be inserted as a tab in Spb Mobile Shell.

Note: Spb Mobile Shell is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 only! Spb also has a special offer for Spb Diary customers. You can buy new Spb Mobile Shell with 40% discount for $17.97 (normal price $29.95).

Spb also released a new version of Spb Weather 1.7 with special integration support for our new product Spb Mobile Shell.

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PhatWare Releases PenCommander 2.0#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

I am a little behind on this one but check out the link and the press release below. The folks at Phatware are at it again updating their software to add more functionality and ensure that it is compatible with the most current operating systems. They released PenCommander 2.0 last week. This software is for the Tablet PC or the UMPC. It also supports the new Windows Vista.

Check out this PenCommander page for features, pricing and upgrade info.

PhatWare Releases PenCommander 2.0

Upgraded version now supports Windows Vista and provides users with new PenCommander skins and an improved scripting engine

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, January 31, 2007 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PenCommander 2.0 for Windows Vista-based Tablet and Ultra Mobile PCs. PenCommander is a system utility application that features a powerful scripting technology and is now enhanced to support the Windows Vista operating system.

PenCommander allows users to employ the pen to call up commands that can control Tablet PCs and UMPCs in almost limitless ways, such as editing documents, inserting often-repeated text into documents and launching applications. PenCommander scripts are executed by writing a PenCommand name on the PenCommander input panel. PenCommander is the best tool for entering repetitive data, accessing frequently used applications and documents, inserting time, date and signature, and overall extending Tablet PC functionality and user's productivity. It provides a simple and fast way to access functions that typically take longer to complete.

“Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system will create a platform for the next generation of user experiences, and we are excited to see the industry come together like never before around these products,” said Brad Goldberg, general manager for Windows.  “By working closely with partners such as PhatWare, we are able to provide consumers worldwide an experience that is easier, safer, more entertaining and better connected whether at home, at work, or on the go.”

PenCommander 2.0 now supports Windows Vista and includes an updated scripting engine, which allows for new user-level functions and improved performance. Commonly used keyboard shortcuts and PenCommands can now be assigned to single stroke gestures. The application supports 32 gestures. PenCommander also provides users with the ability to select a handwriting recognition engine, which is useful if multiple languages are being used.

PenCommander 2.0 has a new customizable user interface for Visual PenCommander, which provides an IDE-like environment for creating and testing new PenCommander scripts. PenCommander's input panel can be made semi-transparent, allowing a user to view other applications' windows under the panel. New skins are also available for PenCommander 2.0.

“We always strive to leverage the latest technologies to give our users the ability to take advantage of the newest features on the market. As Tablet and UltraMobile PC users upgrade to Windows Vista, PhatWare is excited to have the opportunity to help them control their devices in nearly endless ways with the recent PenCommander improvements,” said PhatWare President Stan Miasnikov.

PenCommander 2.0 for Tablet PCs and UMPCs is priced at $29.95, and it can be purchased directly from the PhatWare Web site or any of PhatWare's network of authorized retailers. Registered users of previous versions of PhatPad can upgrade the product at no cost. For more information about PenCommander 2.0 or any of PhatWare's other productivity solutions for mobile and desktop computing, visit

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Vongo Updated for Windows Vista#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

One of the coolest things I saw at CES 2007 this year was the Alpha version of Vongo. Being a huge Vongo fan, I wanted Vongo to work well with Windows Vista and personally wanted it to run well with Windows Vista Media Center. Well now that is a reality in the latest update from Vongo.

They also increased the video quality and now allow for Vongo content to be streamed to your Xbox 360. For a demo of it head here. It is pretty cool! The new UI was built from the ground up with attention to detail as well as where peoples eyes looked when they use it.

For more info head here.

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Google Maps for Mobile#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

I saw this over at jkOnTheRun yesterday and gave Google Maps for Mobile a quick go on my trip home with one of my bluetooth GPS units. It worked pretty well and is more designed for a co-pilot or navigator to use than a driver. Since there is no voice direction. It requires an always on data connection like Windows Live Local and Virtual Earth Mobile.

Directions work well with data provided by NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas for the GoogleMaps that many love with live traffic updates. You are represented on the map as a blue icon. GMM also lets you know how many satellites are fixed on you in the upper right-hand corner.

To start using a GPS just select Menu->Track Location(GPS). Here is what it looks like before it gets a fix inside of a building on an overcast day. :(  (If I can screen cap an image outside I will update it) It then downloads the map for your current position and lays it underneath.

You can choose to view with either the map or satellite like in Google Maps.You can Zoom in fairly close and can move around the maps with your directional pad. The center directional pad brings up directions if you placed them in before.

Here is a satellite view of Boston.

A little closer.

Maximum resolution of Fenway Park.

What Google Maps Mobile is really designed for is finding things on a map.

Here is a quick search for pizza around Fenway.


You get detailed information on the place including an address and phone number to call for reservations.

You can also look up other things like Location, Nearby Businesses, Directions based on GPS location, address,etc.

Under the options button you can even lookup contacts.

So far Google Mobile Maps looks pretty good for free.

To download it to your Windows Mobile device go here and it will sniff your browser and give you proper CAB file to download. For more info on the project head here.

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Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista Released#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Well WMDC is finally out of beta and is called Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Vista in both 32 bit and 64bit flavors. (If you do install the wrong one it just won't work. Just uninstall and install the correct version and it will then work, well this worked during the Beta 3 version).

The WMDC update didn't appear in Windows Update like I would have hoped when the device was connected as a recommended update.

It is a 10.6MB download  for the 64bit version and installs after you remove your older version. I had cancelled and removed the previous version before continuing. Here is a screen shot if you don't remove it first and attempt to install it.

However it didn't seem to work with my 64bit laptop. I am assuming a reboot is needed... That didn't work. So I should have read the Troubleshooting Guide and it said to try again with the device connected ...hmm I would have hoped it told me that earlier.  After RTFM of the Troubleshooting Guide and finding for 64bit version you have to have your Windows Mobile Device connected during installation I performed take 2.

The Windows Mobile Device Center doesn’t work on my 64-bit PC – If you installed the Windows Mobile Device Center on 64-bit Vista, and have previously used the Windows Mobile Device Center, you may need to manually reinstall the Windows Mobile Device Center a second time to successfully update it.

To manually install the Windows Mobile Device Center: 
1. Connect your device to your PC
2. Install the Windows Mobile Device Center from:
3. Disconnect and reconnect your device
4. The Windows Mobile Device Center will reinstall and launch

So I reinstalled it again this time with my Windows Mobile Device connected.

Now I have two listings for WMDC in my Programs and Features Unistall or change program directory.And it still doesn't work. So I uninstalled everything. Reinstalled the 64 bit WMDC beta 3. Then uninstalled it, then installed the new 64bit version with the directions above. It still doesn't recognize my Windows Mobile Device. I even tried a repair under Uninstall or change a program and it still didn't work.


Hopefully you won't have to do this, but I got it to install. I don't think all the drivers were updated correctly on the first install so I ran one of my favorite command lines for botched installs: sfc /scannow from the Start Search/Run. I also restarted for safe measure. If you aren't familar with sfc, this command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service  to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem. I don't know if this fixed it or not.

I then went to Windows/WindowsMobile and ran the setup again hoping at least it would install, but moreover I was hoping I could uninstall and try to reinstall again. So I still had my device connected and ran the setup.

And guesss what it worked!

This is the version that was installed.

This is not a good user experience and the Beta version seemed to work MUCH better than this one actually I had no problems what so ever. I am putting this up in case others fall into this same problem. It looks like another problem with 64bit drivers...very frustrating.
The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center enables you to set up new partnerships, synchronize content and manage music, pictures and video with Windows Mobile powered devices (Windows Mobile 2003 or later). The Windows Mobile Device Center is only supported on Windows Vista.
The Windows Mobile Device Center combines an efficient business-data synchronization platform with a compelling user experience. Windows Mobile Device Center helps you to quickly set up new partnerships, synchronize business-critical information such as e-mail, contacts and calendar appointments, easily manage your synchronization settings, and transfer business documents between your device and PC.

The Windows Mobile Device Center simplifies managing media between your Windows Mobile powered device and your PC. With the picture acquisition wizard, you can easily tag and transfer all of the pictures from your Windows Mobile powered device to your PC’s Windows Photo Gallery.


More info on Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista  is available here.

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DEMO 2007#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

DEMO is a paid to present conference for 68 companies in 6 minutes present their new companies, products and technologies. The presenters are picked by hand picked by Chris Shipley and a board of experts and they do a pretty good job of bringing all this technology in nice simple to understand forum. All the presentation are available online for viewing and are pretty impressive. I really like Apollo from Adobe , BlingSoftware, TeleFlip and Zink.

As with CES most of the products are now geared toward the Web and Mobility. If you have the time it is definitely worth checking out.

An alternative "free conference" is in the works by Mike Arrington of TechCrunch and Jason Calcanis here are the details so far a few other members of the board are showing up like Robert Scoble:

1. It will be in the San Francisco area.
2. We will have around 250 people at the event.
3. 20 companies will present over two days.
4. The event will take place in the fall.
5. We are looking for a location that can fit 250-500 people. We arehoping we can find a a University that would host the event, or an affordable conference center. Any ideas please let me know.
6. We hope to put together an advisory board of people we really respect to suggest companies.

I would love to see more Unconferences like this spring up in multiple locations like Boston, NewYork, Chicago,Austin,etc, but no so many that it dilutes the content. More like an East and West like VON does.

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Spb Software House Releases Spb Kiosk 4.0#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

Spb Software House has released an update to their popular enterprise-oriented application Spb Kiosk with version 4.0.

The Pocket PC is a feature rich device with many built-in programs, games, multimedia features and so one. However, in the enterprise world most of these features are not needed and very often must be disabled. The main goal of Spb Kiosk is to lock Pocket PC to applications required by an enterprise, thus converting a generic Pocket PC device into a specialized enterprise tool. Spb Kiosk is used by more than 250 big companies all over the world, including Microsoft, HP, Shell, UPS and others.

New version brings Spb Kiosk to a new technology level. It uses advanced low-level techniques to work with system drivers and to intercept API calls. Now a device administrator has true control over applications running on the devices: only explicitly allowed executables can be started. This technology effectively prevents all known attacks like using remote tools, malicious programs started via memory card autorun etc.

Whats New

Spb Kiosk 4.0 introduces a number of new features:

 - Full Windows Mobile 5.0 support
 - Improved performance and battery life in kiosk mode
 - Precise control over allowed Control Panel applets
 - Battery indicator
 - Kiosk Start menu
 - Customizable icons and background in Kiosk Switcher
 - URL Filter
 - True full screen mode for Terminal Services Client
 - And more...

Spb Kiosk Editions

Spb Kiosk Engine comes in 3 editions, each providing kiosk mode for a different type of applications.

Spb Kiosk Explorer provides kiosk mode for Pocket Internet Explorer. With Kiosk Explorer enterprises can create kiosk solutions based on web-applications.

Spb Kiosk Terminal provides kiosk mode for Terminal Services Client. Kiosk Terminal allows creating kiosks that run an application from a Windows Terminal Server.

Spb Kiosk Engine can run one or several custom Pocket PC applications in a kiosk mode and provides means to switch between them.

For more information and for a virtual tour of the product head here.

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Isolated number of TomTom GO 910's may be infected with a virus#
Post By Steve "fyiguy" Hughes

The folks at TomTom have issued a notification that an isolated number of TomTom GO 910’s, produced in one week in the last quarter of 2006, may be infected with a virus. The virus is qualified as low risk and does not affect the navigation performance of the TomTom GO 910 in any way. The virus can be removed safely with virus scanning software. Appropriate actions have been taken to make sure this is prevented from happening again in the future.

Affected devices
It has been confirmed that a small number of TomTom GO 910 devices, produced between September and November 2006, and shipped with software version 6.51, may be infected with a virus.

Known risks
The viruses that were detected present an extremely low risk to customers’ computers or the TomTom GO 910. To date, no cases of problems caused by the viruses are known.

How to detect the virus?
In the isolated cases that a virus was detected, it was found when the TomTom GO 910 was connected to the computer and for example, a back-up of the content on the device was being made.

What to do when a virus is found?
TomTom highly recommends that all TomTom GO 910 customers update their virus scanning software, and if a virus is detected, allow the virus scanning software to remove the ‘host.exe’ file, ‘copy.exe’ file or any other variants.

The above identified files or any variants can safely be removed from the device with virus scanning software, and are NOT to be removed manually, as they are not part of the standard installed software on a TomTom GO 910. The good news is that they present no danger whilst driving with the TomTom GO 910.

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